March 27th, 2020

At The Club House we know how tough it can be when you're stuck for choice when dining out due to a dietary requirement. This is why we're always so clear when it comes to labelling our food and ensuring that our allergen information is up to date.

Remember to always inform a member of our staff when dining if you have a specific allergy, and to view the allergen information by scanning the QR code, which is present on all of our menus, with your smartphone. 

So whether yourself or a loved one is gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or dairy-free, we'll have a tasty option for you, so keep on reading...

The Gluten-Free One

No your eyes do not deceive you! At the Club House we are incredibly proud to offer a range of gluten-free dishes (marked on our menu with NG), but our favourite dish has to be our hearty and flavoursome pies! 

They're a House Classic dish for a reason, and with the choice of Steak and Ale (a customer favourite), Chicken, Ham & Leek or Butternut Squash & Mushroom (an underrated gem!), they'll be something for everyone. Plus the decisions don't stop there as you have the choice of either champ mash or chunky chips with your pie, and each serving is finished off with lashings of gravy and mushy peas. 

You can check out our whole range of gluten-free dishes here.



Whether you're avoiding meat completely or simply looking to cut back, we have a range of hearty AND healthy dishes that feature fish and seafood. Our favourite of those has to be the classic, fish and chips!

Just because it's a classic, doesn't mean it has to be boring though! Our fish comes beer-battered and made to order, with the traditional sides of mushy peas and tartare sauce. Pair that with our crispy chunky chips and you're on to a winner! 

Looking for something a little lighter? Don't forget that we have our delicious Pan-Fried Seabass too! You can view our entire menu here.


A treat for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike, we challenge anyone to try our famous Moving Mountains™ burger and not be delighted! Sandwiched in a delicate brioche bun, we've chosen to pair the deceptively meaty vegan patty with BBQ jackfruit for a zing of flavour and our creamy red cabbage slaw (which is also available as an option on our Deli-Boards too!) for added crunch. 

Don't forget that we encourage you to tailor your meal to your own tastes, so you can pick between properly seasoned fries, salt and pepper fries, sweet potato fries and chunky chips too; as well as a host of delicious sides. Happy eating! 



At The Club House we're famous for our rotisserie grill, where are meats are cooked low and slow for hours to make them delicious and succulent. Nowhere is this showcased more than our Red Tractor™ Farm Assured rotisserie chicken! Coated in our flavoursome house rub and served with a jug of gravy, it's the perfect dish for when you want something hearty. 

Don't forget that we do a rotisserie-of-the-day option too, and that all the meat that comes with our Sunday Roasts and salads has been cooked daily in our rotisserie ovens for optimum freshness and taste. Look out for the DF on our menu to ensure that your selection is suitable for you. 



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