The Club House has already brought a taste of The Hamptons to Liverpool, now let us bring you all there is to know about the Hampton’s best cocktails, ales, and gins. For those in the know, the exclusive knowledge of our experts can be sampled by booking one of our luxurious masterclasses. Learn how to make the cocktails we offer at The Club House, discover all there is to know about hops and ales, and sip gins reminiscent of glorious summer days, all in the heart of our Liverpool Club House.

Our experts worked hard during their travels among the elite to bring you all there is to experience of the Hamptons in the vibrant city of Liverpool, but they discovered even more during their rest days. Indulge in the atmosphere of Long Island, whilst sampling the tropical treats and beach bar beauties on offer at our elite classes.

All the best extracts from their travels can be found in our wonderful masterclasses. Details of which have been curated and compiled below for you to explore… Each masterclass is perfect for between 6-12 people. Our cocktail, ale, and gin tasting classes are perfect for a special occasion, birthday, hen or stag do!



If you’ve always wanted to know your maize from your barley; now you can with our Ale Tasting Masterclass packages; perfect for improving your knowledge of local and world-famous beers! Our experts have worked long and hard to acquire the finest beers and ales for our Club House, and their knowledge on the subject is second to none. Learn from the best, so that you too know all there is to know about the world of beer.

All you need to do now is gather a minimum of six friends (it’s no fun with less) and give us a call or make an enquiry in the form below and we’ll be in touch. The size of our classes caters for larger groups and so is perfect for a birthday party or stag do!

Each session will last 90 minutes and provides the chance to taste and discuss up to eight different beers and ales of your choice with our guru’s.



Some people like to relax on vacation, whilst others like to find new and exciting experiences. Whichever suits you, our experts will tailor your masterclass like an expert tour guide. Whatever your vacation style, gin is the epitome of The Hampton’s drink offerings. Enter a class which will allow you to sip your way through the world of gin, transporting you to a world of long summer days and ice-cold gin and tonics by the beach. Whether you want to delve into the origins and history of one of the world’s favourite spirits, or simply be guided through tasting a range of expertly selected gins, this gin tasting class is perfect for all, and you’ll learn to identify the unique flavours infusing every bottle.

Each masterclass is ideal for a minimum of 6 people, and is the perfect gin-spiration for your next big night out or special occasion in Liverpool city centre.



Sip and savour the flavours of summer vacations with our Vacation Classics & Tropical Treats Masterclass. Experience a taste of The Hamptons whilst learning how to bring the flavours of Long Island into your home. Our expert mixologists will guide you through the process of creating our most delicious and classic cocktails whilst you soak up the vibrant atmosphere of our Club House.

The perfect laid-back entertainment for any time, day or night, this cocktail making class is ideal for a minimum of six vacationers. Why not celebrate your next special occasion, birthday or hen party with us at The Club House Liverpool One, and try a fun new activity at the same time?



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